Selling Guidelines

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on Seller offenses and prohibited content are violations of our listing agreement, of which these Selling Policies are a part, and can result in suspension of your account.

Prohibited seller activities and actions

These Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions are established to maintain a selling program that is safe for buyers and fair for sellers of both products and services. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of Psarr tools and reports, and/or the removal of selling privileges. In addition, we do not pay sellers until we are confident our customers have received the products they ordered, and if we determine that a seller account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited.

Note: This policy is in addition to, and in no way limits, your other obligations pursuant to your seller agreement or otherwise.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to both sellers of products and services. For guidelines specific to products or services, see the information following this section.

Attempts to divert transactions or buyers:

Any attempt to circumvent the established Psarr sales process or to divert Psarr users to another website or sales process is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages (special offers) or “calls to action" that lead, prompt, or encourage Psarr users to leave the Psarr website are prohibited. This may include the use of email or the inclusion of hyperlinks, URLs or web addresses within any seller-generated confirmation email messages or any product/listing description fields.

Unauthorized and improper business names:

The Business Name (identifying a seller’s business entity on Psarr) must be a name that: accurately identifies the seller; is not misleading; and the seller has the right to use (that is, the name cannot include the trademark of, or otherwise infringe on, any trademark or other intellectual property right of any person). Furthermore, a seller cannot use a business name that contains an email suffix such as .com, .net, .biz, and so on.

Inappropriate email and phone communications:

Unsolicited email and phone communications with Psarr users, email and phone communications other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service, and emails and phone calls related to marketing communications of any kind (including within otherwise permitted communications) are prohibited.

Direct email addresses:

Buyers and sellers may communicate with one another via the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, which assigns unique Psarr-generated email addresses to both parties.

Product Detail Page Rules

Customers first learn about your offers on a product detail page. The following policies have been established to ensure that each product detail page represents a unique item in order to deliver a single page per product and optimize the buying experience.

When you create a product detail page, you agree to the following rules and restrictions:

  • Using the Add a Product or bulk upload tools for any purpose other than listing products on Psarr is prohibited.
  • The use of false product identification information, including UPC codes, in product detail pages is prohibited.
  • Using product detail pages to cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product is prohibited.

Selling Software

Only full retail versions of software may be sold on Psarr. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this list of prohibited items:

  • Duplicated or copied software:Software that has been copied onto CD-R, CD-W, floppy disk, or any blank media by anyone other than the original software manufacturer.
  • Academic editions:Software sold to students, academic faculty, and educational institutions expressly for use by students and educators. Since Psarr has no way of verifying that a seller or buyer has an academic connection, we prohibit the sale of this type of software on Psarr.
  • OEM software:Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software comes bundled with, installed on, or packaged with computer hardware. You cannot sell this software on Psarr unless you are also selling it with the associated hardware and listing it against the hardware ASIN.
  • Promotional software:Software distributed freely by manufacturers to promote their products.
  • Beta (pre-release) versions:Software distributed for the purpose of troubleshooting, testing, and evaluation.
  • Freeware and shareware:Software distributed free of charge by the copyright owner.
  • Expired subscription-based software:Software that is no longer usable because it has passed its subscription time period.
  • Back-up copies:Copies that are made to protect the purchase of a software title. This software cannot be distributed, shared, or sold.

Restricted Products

Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Psarr. Products offered for sale on Psarr must comply with all laws and regulations and with Psarr’s policies. The sale of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products listed on these pages, including products available only by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

If you supply goods on Psarr, you should carefully review the Restricted Products Help pages listed below before listing a product. The examples provided in these Help pages are not all-inclusive and are provided solely as an informational guide. We encourage you to consult with your legal counsel if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products. Even where a product is listed as an “Example of Permitted Listings," all products and listings must also comply with applicable laws. In addition, any links provided are for informational purposes only, and Psarr does not warrant the accuracy of any information provided in these links.

If you supply a product in violation of the law or any of Psarr’s policies, including those listed on the Restricted Products pages, we will take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to immediately suspending or terminating selling privileges, destroying inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement, returning inventory, and terminating the business relationship. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

Below is example of restricted products:

  • Weapons, guns, and firearms
  • Stolen Items
  • Counterfeited/fake products
  • Recalled products
  • Illegal drugs
  • Handmade and concocted cosmetics and skincare
  • Wild animals
  • Illegal wood products
  • Escort services and prostitution