Secret Key Snow White Cream 50g

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Secret Key Snow White Cream 50g – Korea

1. Whitening functional skin-tone cream.
Niacinamide (Whitening functional base material) keeps skin soft and clean.
2. All-in-one base cream.
It is enough without the need for BB cream, make-up base, moisturizer and etc.

3. Make skin texture as well as inside of skin moist.
It makes skin fully moisturized since it provides intensive hydration into skin deeply.

4. Protection fron harmful elements.
Protect skin from harmful elements of make-up cosmetics due to forming protection film on skin. Also betaine which is extracted from beet gives elasticity & softness.

5. Premiun material and 5 free system.
Free Benzophenone, Free mineral Oil, Free Phenoxy ethanol, Free Parabens, Free Pigment.
Safe for sensitive skin.

How to use
1.Scoop a moderate amount with a spatula.

2.Or take a moderate amount on the back of a hand.
3.Gently pat your face until fully absorbed.


Secret Key

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