Become a Psarr Vendor

Sell directly to and reach millions of new customers.

You sell us your products and we’ll take care the rest – from shipping to handle customers service.

How much does it cost?

With Psarr Vendor Express, you can start selling your products to Psarr and expose them to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Psarr buys products directly from you and handles shipping costs, merchandising, customer service, and customer returns.

Vendor Express requires that you own the intellectual property rights for the products you sell to Psarr. If you do not own these rights, your products may still be eligible for other Psarr programs, as long as your products do not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights.

The benefits of becoming a vendor on Vendor Express include:

  • No annual charge to join or participate in the program.
  • Products appear to customers as Sold by Psarr.
  • Free shipping from your warehouse to Psarr or directly to Psarr customers.
  • Product storage and order handling.
  • A direct fulfillment option so that you can ship directly to Psarr customers with prepaid shipping.
  • Products are free shipping to customers over a standard order threshold.
  • Access to Psarr Marketing Services and selling enhancements.

We’ll sometimes request a minimum sample of free units of your product so that we can evaluate the demand from our customers before placing an initial purchase order. After your product sells, we may start issuing purchase orders. We request a limited number of samples as an investment in the program. We understand that your products cost money, so we want you to know we are using them to build your Psarr product detail page and evaluate customer demand.

When do i get paid?

Psarr issues your payment within 60 days from the time we receive your products at our warehouses. Your payments applied to the products sold

What can I sell?

Our vendors can sell in our product categories from Fashion, Beauty, Fragrances, Grocery, and more. If you’re still unsure, please contact us.